Our Firm's Business Response To The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Friends,

We hope you are doing well during these challenging times. As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) increases its impact on our communities, we want to share with you the steps we have taken to ensure our business continuity.

California 457 Benefits has adopted a "recommended work from home" policy. We utilize a Virtual Private Network and cloud computing technology to securely log on to the computer network in Mission Viejo from our home office(s). We are happy to report that our network, phone systems and websites have had no disruptions and are monitored continuously. Having a trusted and dedicated information technology team has proven to be invaluable.

When we do go into the office, we have instituted social distancing policies that are consistent with recommendations from federal, state, and local health officials. Client meetings at our office location may be scheduled starting June 1. Face coverings and social distancing will be utilized until further notice.

Our principal priorities with these changes are twofold: (1) the health, safety, and security of our staff and clients and (2) to continue serving your needs.

Thankfully, California 457 Benefits is very well positioned to meet these priorities because of the significant investments we have made to our technology infrastructure over the years. We have great confidence in the future, but understand that the next few months will be incredibly challenging for many people. We are ready to help as we can. It is our privilege to serve you today, tomorrow, and beyond.


Scott, Warren and Theresa

California 457 Benefits

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