California 457 Benefits (CA 457) provides administrative services and investment advice regarding Section 457(b) deferred compensation plans to cities and counties within the state of California.  CA 457 brings a unique open architecture solution to plan sponsors with no proprietary mutual funds. 

Administrative services include ongoing regulatory compliance support, educational group meetings, participant enrollment, distribution and emergency hardship withdrawal counseling and processing, and beneficiary changes. 

Investment advice includes fund selection and monitoring to assure on-going compliance with the plan document and investment policy statement.  We assist the plan sponsor in evaluating different investment options to meet their fiduciary duty to employee participants.  CA 457 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Walker Financial Advisors, Inc. (WFA).  WFA is a Registered Investment Advisor with the California Department of Corporations.

CA 457 representatives are Certified Financial Planner professionals that bring a depth of knowledge to consult with and educate individual participants regarding asset allocation and alternative fund selection strategies.

All plan assets are held in a 457 trust account with the Charles Schwab Trust Company (CSTC).  With CSTC serving as custodian, participants have the added security of an independent third-party firm holding the funds.  Record keeping services are performed by Spectrum Pension Consultants Inc. of Tacoma, WA.