These performance results are authorized only when preceded or accompanied by a current prospectus which can be downloaded from Morningstar.

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Performance is based on reinvested income and capital gain distributions plus or minus any change in principal value for the respective period. Individual results may vary depending on timing of deposits. Results shown are not a guarantee of future performance, and account values at the time of redemption may be worth more or less than cash invested.

Returns do not reflect the deduction of a gross annual CA 457 fee of 0.34%. Approximately 0.20% of the gross annual CA 457 fee is reduced by aggregate expense reimbursements from many of the mutual funds listed above. The net result is a 0.14% annual CA 457 fee. Therefore, if your account value remained static at $1,000 at the end of each quarter, your annual CA 457 fee would be approximately $1.40. To offset costs, the City of Costa Mesa also deducts a fee of 0.08% annually.
Contact CA 457 at 800-770-0457 for clarification.